Qualified Puppy Coach


Separation Anxiety Trainer

Helping owners achieve their goals

Hello, Im Jodie 

I want what is best for you and your dog

Working with Puppies has always been a dream of mine and you and your dog deserve to work with someone who can provide you and your puppy with the best start! 

My passion has always been to do my best to prevent behavioural issues occuring in the future. I LOVE to get in and train puppies at an early age to build that relationship and bond with your new puppy. We focus on the necessary LIFE skills not just basic commands! You and your puppy deserve to work with someone who keeps up to scratch with the latest training techniques, and that is why I am passionate about gaining qualifications. 

I help you and your dog overcome Separation Anxiety so you can regain your freedom. 

I am commited to learning everything I can about Separation Anxiety so you can get the best solution for your dog. When my dog was rehomed, he had separation anxiety and I was keen to help him recover. After sucessfully treating my dogs Separation Anxiety I wanted to help owners overcome this same issue. I understand how much of an impact this can have on your day to day lives by being restricted on where you can go and when you can leave your dog. I went on to become a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer and now help hundreds of dogs all over the world with our remote training programmes. 



         Qualifications and Experience

  • Msc Clinical Animal Behaviour

  • Puppy Lab Instructor

  • Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

  • Over 8 years experience

We have studied numerous courses and continue to keep up to date with new research by attending seminars and courses.