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Jodie Graham is the founder and owner of JGBehaviour and is a professional in Pet Behaviour and training, covering various locations across the East Midlands. She has an Msc in Clinical Animal Behaviour from The University of Lincoln, and a Bsc in Zoo Biology from Nottingham Trent University. She is currently working towards her CCAB (Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist Accreditation) and has recieved her pre-certification for this.


Jodie has worked in various dog rescues, kennels and zoos over the past 7 years gaining experience with a  variety of animal species. She is passionate about addressing your pets behavioural problems, and educating owners on a variety of pet behaviour topics through workshops. Jodie continues to keep up to date with new research by attending seminars and courses throughout the year. (click here for a full list of all completed Continuing Professional Development courses).

Jodie is keen to prevent behaviour problems occuring in the first place by offering her specialist puppy packages and expert knowledge in this area.

Linda Shirley is a professional in dog training and has completed her Think Dog OCN accreditation by Sarah Whitehead Company. Linda has owned dogs all her life, and has worked with various problematic dogs over the past few years. She currently assists JGBehaviour in their puppy classes, stooge dog set ups and training walks. Linda also has her own pet photography business (Picture Pooch) in which she does a fantastic job ensuring your pet is comfortable


Puppy Coach . Behaviour Expert


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