About Me

Jodie Graham is the founder and owner of JGBehaviour and is a professional in Dog Behaviour and Training, covering various locations across the East Midlands. Jodie also works online and can work with you and your dog where ever you are in the world! She is currently working towards her CCAB (Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist Accreditation) and has recieved her pre-certification for this.

Jodie has a Rescue Labrador named Jackson who has been a great stooge for many of her clients and he loves to meet all the puppies! Jackson has now retired and lives his life enjoying relaxing at home on the sofa, playing lots of sniffy games and training!

Jodie has worked in various dog rescues, kennels and zoos over the past 7 years gaining experience with a  variety of animal species. She is passionate about addressing your pets behavioural problems and has a partiular interest interest in working with puppies to help you build that special bond with your new puppy. Jodie also has a keen interest in Separation Anxiety and is a specialist in this area having worked with many dogs to overcome this issue.


         Qualifications and Experience

  • Msc Clinical Animal Behaviour

  • Bsc (Hons) Zoo Biology

  • Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

We have studied numerous courses and continue to keep up to date with new research by attending seminars and courses.