Behaviour consultations

Behaviour consultations are designed to address a variety of issues such as separation related problems, inappropriate toileting, compulsive or stereotypic behaviour, vocalisation, reactivity, fear, anxiety, and aggression towards humans or other animals. During the consultation the behaviours are assessed, a diagnosis will be formed along with management strategies and a treatment plan put in place. All treatment plans are designed on an individual basis, using ethical and positive, evidence based methods from the scientific literature which have proven to be efficacious and welfare friendly. 


Your free 10-15 minute mini-consultation 

This free  phone call will allow us to discuss your pets needs and a chance for you to get to know me and ask any questions. Please email 

The Consultation process

We start with the Initial consultation which allows me to assess your pet, determine the level of support you need, and put in place your treatment plan. For behaviour consultations veterinary referral is essential to ensure problems are not linked to a medical conditions.

Included in the Initial consultation:

  • 2-3 hour consultation in your home

  • Discussion about the problems you are having and obtaining a detailed history

  • Explanation of why your pet is undertaking the unwanted behaviour, and educating you on the theory behind this

  • Discussion of your aims and treatment options

  • Management and treatment plan put in place along with demonstrations of training, and handouts given in the session to accompany the training so you can get started right away. We also provide video of training where necessary.

  • A written report including your assesment and future training (sent within one week)

  • Liason with your vet surgeon where necessary

  • 3 month follow-up support by email or telephone where necessary

  • 1 hour follow up appointment 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation

Initial Consultation Prices

Dogs - £180

Cats - £180

Rabbits- £100 (1-2 hours) 


Long term support programme

Follow up visits may be necessary to help with aspects of the treatment plan and to progress further, We provide long term support to help bring out the best results for you and your pet and support you along your journey. The initial consultation and report is sufficient for you to manage the problem and commence training; but follow up support may be needed. This can  be discussed at the initial consultation. These sessions are 60-75 minutes each and include one to one support (including use of stooge dogs if necessary) and updated training plans. These cost £40 per session


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Jodie is absolutely committed to helping us learn how to get the best out of our pup and continually supports us giving us tips & advice on areas we are struggling with (walking calmly & not reacting to other dogs & people)
The improvements we have experienced in the short time we have been working with Jodie have been nothing short of amazing. Walks used to be such a stress but now she has taught us how to deal with unwanted behaviours in certain situations we now look forward to going out.


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