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"Jodie is absolutely committed to helping us learn how to get the best out of our pup and continually supports us giving us tips & advice on areas we are struggling with. The improvements we have experienced in the short time we have been working with Jodie have been nothing short of amazing. Walks used to be such a stress but now she has taught us how to deal with unwanted behaviours in certain situations"

What Our Adult Training Involves

  • One to one sessions can help you with basic training issues which may include loose lead walking, recall, teaching a settle, toilet training, teaching your dog new tricks or anything else you may require. 

  • One to one Coaching

  • Training notes after each session where needed, along with step by step training plans for the exercises we cover

  • Training videos to assist with your training plans; beneficial for those who prefer to learn by watching

  • Training in your own home / environment

  • Sessions last approx. 1-1.5 hours


*This is for training over the age of 6 months. If you are experienceing any of the following please see Behaviour Consultations; Reactivity to other dogs, Barking, Separation Anxiety, Fear, Anxiety, Aggression, Compulsive Behaviours*

*Visit Training during covid to see how we are working during the covid period. Depending on which Tier we are in will depend how your session commences but we are happy to discuss this further with you*

Initial training consultation

We require you to take an Initial Training Consultation first, and it is recommended you have ongoing sessions therafter to see better results. Most training issues cannot be resolved in one session and require commitment.


This initial consultation is a baseline, to discuss your goals and needs, for us to discuss future sessions, offer guidance and put in place management, and training for you to follow. Please see below our block booking for further sessions after our Initial Session. 

£80 for 90 minutes

3 Bespoke Sessions

£200 (save £10)

4 Bespoke Sessions

£260 (Save £20)

5 Bespoke Sessions

£310 (Save £40)

If you dont want to block book you can pay as you go at £70 per session

£65 - 1.5 hours

Online New Dog Session

This is designed for the new dog owner to help prepare you for their first few days and nights. Setting your dog up for success by making them feel safe and secure and providing them with their needs can make all the difference. This session will cover:

  • One to one Coaching

  • Booklet Pack with everything covered

  • Dealing with the first days / nights

  • Settling in period

  • House Training

  • Equipment list

  • How to meet your dogs needs


Puppy Coach . Separation Anxiety Specialist . Behaviour Expert 


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