Online Separation Anxiety Events 2024 

Tuesday 20th May @ 7:00 PM 

Facebook Live: Client Conversations 

Meet someone who’s dealing with their Dog’s Separation Anxiety. Join an exclusive conversation with one of our clients. 
This session offers a firsthand look at how someone just like you overcame their dogs struggles with separation anxiety using our support. 
This is a FREE Facebook Live Event. 
To participate, please join our Private Facebook Group : 

Thursday 20th June @ 7:00 PM 

Online Webinar: Kickstart Separation Anxiety Training 

Learn the basics of dog separation anxiety, its causes, and initial steps to help your furry friend. 
A 90 minute online webinar covering How to Kick Start Your Separation Anxiety Training with your dog(s)! 
What we'll discuss: 
How to start Door Desensitisation Training with your dogs 
How to Manage Separation Anxiety 
Preparing for training 
Pre Departure Cues 
Common myths 
Body language 
Sign up for our Early Bird Offer £23.99 

Online Separation Anxiety Events 2024 

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