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Puppy Home Alone Training Packages


Simple and effective programmes to help your puppy to become confident when left alone



What our clients say:

"We had online puppy sessions to help us with preventing separation anxiety occurring. The sessions were tailor made, and the training plan really simple to follow. Throughout the training process Jodie would check up on progress and give us additional training advice and plan to help us move forward.


Esme can now settle alone confidently. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to ensure their puppy is relaxed when home alone. Thank you so much for your help!"

Do you have a new Puppy and want to learn how to teach them to be confident alone?


You have come to the right place!


Teaching your puppy to become confident alone will help prevent your puppy getting separation anxiety in the future. We have designed a package which will help you get started on the right track to having an independant puppy. This package is for puppies who have never experienced alone time and you want to learn how to start this. For dogs with known Separation Anxiety please see our Separation Anxiety Packages as you will need more support.


Why Online Training?

Home alone actually works better done remotely, as your dog needs to cope with you leaving not me! Having me there can actually affect our assessment as that would not be a "normal" situation with me leaving. I also do not need to see your dog distressed! My aim is to assess what the dog can cope with now and we work from there. 

How the Training works?

Our aim is to teach your dog to become confident and happy alone. The most effective way to do this is to do a gradual exposure to being left alone, working in teeny tiny steps to ensure your dog does not exhibit any fear, so they learn alone time is not scary. The training will require commitment from you, and this will certainly pay off when you and your dog have a better quality of life together


Jodie Graham

Your Highly Qualified Separation Anxiety Trainer 

What is Included in our Puppy Home Alone Training Packages


  •  2 weeks support tailored to you and your puppy

  • 1 hour Initial assessment via video call

  • Training plans sent 5 days per week for 2 weeks 

  • Review and feedback on your training daily

  • Video review of your training as needed

  • Whatsapp support for Q and A during the working week 




After your Programme you can opt for additional continued support which can be booked as weekly blocks to include:

  • Continued support via Whatsapp

  • 5 x training plans 

  • Video review as needed

              £30 per week

If you would like an extra 30-40 minute Zoom Call during your weekly support this can be added for £55