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Puppy Packages

If you have a new or first time puppy, want to start training as early as possible, think a class environment may be to stressful for your puppy, or simply want that one on one support where you will learn more from us; then these puppy packages are ideal for you. It does not matter that your puppy cant go outdoors yet as we can start all the training in your own home! The first few weeks are a critical time for learning in your puppy which could set them up for life. We think it is so important training begins right away,

Our packages use reward based training methods which have been proven by science to be effective. These methods are also welfare friendly for your pets, making training more enjoyable for them.


If you are looking for a one off session please see our 121 training page. For further information or to book an appointment please contact me: Email: jgbehaviour@outlook.com

Your dog will receive a FREE Clicker on your first session and a certificate of completion at the end

Basic Puppy Package

If you already have your puppy and have not started training yet, this package would be great for you. This Package can include teaching you a variety of life skills your puppy needs to prevent future behavioural  problems. We can cover teaching your dog to be calm, self control, lead walking, recall, appropriate play, to enjoy being handled, confidence building and some basic commands (sit, down, stay). We will adhere to meet your needs and tailor training to what you want from your dog. Most of all we will teach you how to train your puppy to build that special bond! You will receive a handout with training plans and all the relevant information you need.  Each session lasts 1 hour and you can block book the following:

4 x 1 hour sessions - £120

5 x 1 hour sessions - £150

New Puppy Session

This is designed for the new puppy owner to help prepare you for their first few days and nights. This session is designed for before you bring your puppy home and is theory based. Setting your dog up for success by making them feel safe and secure and providing them with their needs can make all the difference. This session will cover:

-Basics of how to interact and train your dog  

-Creating a safe haven

-Puppy biting/chewing


-Puppy proofing your home

-How to provide mental stimulation (scent games, enrichment)

You will receive a handout with training plans and all the relevant information you will need. The session costs £35 and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. 

Premium Package

This is a New Puppy Session PLUS Basic Package which combined together includes a discount. 

New Puppy session PLUS 4 x 1 hour sessions - £145 (Saving £10)

New Puppy session PLUS 5 x 1 hour sessions - £170 (Saving £15)

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