Puppy Training

Under the age of 6 months

We offer Bespoke Puppy Packages or Puppy Classes to help get you started on the right path with your new puppy. We use reward based training methods which have been proven by science to be effective. Our aim is to help you build that special bond with your puppy.

Puppy Packages

If you want support from your own home then these packages are ideal for you and we can tailor these sessions to your needs. Our sessions can help teach you a variety of essential life skills your puppy needs to prevent behavioural problems such as basic puppy issues, recall, lead walking, play, grooming, confidence building, basic commands, self control, settling.

3 x 1hr Bespoke Sessions

£175 (Save £5)

4 x 1hr Bespoke Sessions

£200 (Save £40!)

Most Popular

5 x 1hr Bespoke Sessions

£250 (Save £50!)

Our Packages Include:

-Training Booklet including basic puppy problems 

-Training plans sent via email after each session if necessary which are tailored to your dogs training needs and what we covered in the session

-We send videos to assist with your training where necessary


-FREE Clicker for training


-Access to our Facebook support page "JGBehaviour Dog Members Area"

New Puppy Session

This session is for the new puppy owner to help prepare you for their first few days and nights. This session is designed for before you bring your puppy home and is theory based. Setting your dog up for success by making them feel safe and secure and providing them with their needs can make all the difference. This session will include:

-First few nights and creating a safe haven

-Basics of how to interact and train your dog  

-Puppy biting/chewing


-Booklet including what is covered in the session


£60 - 1.5 hr Session


Puppy Coach . Behaviour Expert


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