"I can’t thank Jodie enough for helping me with my recall.. Lola has come on loads since our first session.. Jodie is brilliant she explains everything and if you ever need help she will explain over text or send a video! Can’t wait to carry on in 2020 for some more brilliant training! Merry Christmas And a happy new year, love from Charlotte and Lola"

"We were recommended Jodie by a friend and are so thankful for her services. She taught us how to listen to and observe our dog and understand when she was becoming anxious, so we could take preventative action to stop her anxiety tuning into reactivity and aggression. The training methods have been simple to implement, they are effective and we now have a much happier dog! Have another possible trigger situation coming next week and again Jodie has advised me in advance so fingers crossed that will also be managed without Rolo becoming overly anxious! Thank you Jodie. If you are thinking of using her services, please don’t hesitate!"


"Jodie has been fantastic with us and our Mia. Mia struggles on walks with her excitement around people and dogs along with a newly developed fear of cars. Since our 1-2-1s Mia has come on massively and we are better able to cope with her during walks. Jodie is always on hand to talk things through outside sessions and has been an asset in our dog training journey."


"Jodie is absolutely committed to helping us learn how to get the best out of our pup and continually supports us giving us tips & advice on areas we are struggling with (walking calmly & not reacting to other dogs & people). The improvements we have experienced in the short time we have been working with Jodie have been nothing short of amazing. Walks used to be such a stress but now she has taught us how to deal with unwanted behaviours in certain situations we now look forward to going out."

"Have had a few sessions with Jodie now working on loose lead, recall and being left alone. Logan has made huge progress with only a few sessions and I couldn’t be happier. Jodie explains everything perfect and sends in depth details and videos after the sessions so you can continue with the training on your own with ease. Would highly recommend to all dog owners, can’t wait to continue with some more sessions in the new year!"


"I have recently taken a puppy course with JG Behaviour, the course included some online resource support which is great, on top the brilliant video calls we had through lockdown, enabling me to have a structured lesson plan to give my new puppy the best start in life. I'd be absolutely 100% confident in recommending JG Behaviour to anyone."


"Jodie helped us with our little cockapoo puppy who was suffering from classic lockdown anxiety - nervous, barky, scared of strangers etc. I couldn't recommend Jodie highly enough, she was very knowledgeable, very easy to talk to about all of our dog related problems (we also have an older dog so she was great at giving advice on how to integrate the two), and very generous with her time. 5 stars!!"


"Jodie's assistance has been invaluable whilst teaching and raising our puppy. From early commands and tricks to calmly walking on his lead, our puppy has learned endlessly from JG Behaviour. We had the pre-puppy session which helped us prepare for his arrival which helped our pup settle in greatly. Having had 4 sessions where we've probably learned more than our puppy, we will have Jodie as our first point of contact for any training needs. We would recommend JG Behaviour to any dog owner."


"Jodie was so accommodating and understanding about our specific needs and concerns

Her training technique is positive and so simple

The support and follow up after classes was brilliant!

Im very pleased with how our puppy is getting on. Will be back if and ever needed"


"Jodie is brilliant and would strongly recommend her. Her classes are fun and interactive and she is always happy to help with queries on the day or outside of the class. Our puppy has come on so far by attending her classes and we have learnt as much as she has."


"We have just finished a 6 week puppy course with our labrador puppy Murphy. We would definitely recommend the classes and Murphy and us have learnt loads over the course. Jodie is brilliant, very knowledgeable and patient with all the puppies. We have already booked on to the immediate class. Thanks for all your help. Becky, Ollie and Murphy:)"


"We highly recommend jodie. we have never owned a dog before and we ended up adopting a Romanian rescue called Tibi. Jodie has been amazing from the start setting us up ready for his arrival, 24/7 support once he arrived and really fun training sessions all online which we were a little hesitant at 1st as wanted 1-2-1 but there was honestly no difference in the quality of service we received.

Tibi has a long way to go due to his bad past but with his courage and the amazing support from Jodie he really is becoming the most sweetest and playful pup that will learn anything for a bit of sausage.

thank you so much Jodie, we will be back for more sessions soon"


"Jodie is a believer in positive training and our pup has learnt so much in the 6 week puppy training session which he has graduated from today! Me and my wife are both experienced dog owners, however we know there are some things that we wish we did better in the past. Also our pups personality was so different to our past dogs that we weren't sure what was the best way to handle various behaviours. 6 weeks later he's leaving things on command (which he does in a hilariously dramatic fashion!), he's more confident and we've improved some things that we've worked on before we even started the classes. Jodie has been great from start to finish, she's friendly, she listens, she suggests different ways of training and overall we are very pleased with the results. We will of course carry on training armed with the better techniques and knowledge we have now. Many thanks Jodie! We would recommend you to anyone!"