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 Training during the Covid period

Training is an important aspect to your dogs life and should not be put on hold! You can still continue training from the comfort of your own home

What people say:

"I have recently taken a puppy course with JG Behaviour, the course included some online resource support which is great, on top the brilliant video calls we had through lockdown, enabling me to have a structured lesson plan to give my new puppy the best start in life. I'd be absolutely 100% confident in recommending JG Behaviour to anyone."

How we are working during Covid

There are different restrictions depending on which Tier you are in. With the guidance changing all the time the below guidance is based on being in higher Tiers. We can update you individually as necessary. Below is an outline of how our sessions are currently working with higher restrictions.

Puppy Training - Atleast the first 1-2 sessions of your puppy packages will be indoors as the training must start with minimal distractions. Therefore, these would be online and we would move them outdoors when we feel it is suitable

Adult Training - All initial sessions are ALWAYS indoors to obtain history, discuss goals  and start the training in a distraction free environment, therefore these will be online. We would move to outdoor work for follow on sessions when we feel it is suitable and your dog is ready. 

Behaviour Consultations - All Initial sessions are ALWAYS indoors to obtain history, discuss goals and start the training in a distraction free environment, therefore these will be online. We would move to outdoor work for follow on sessions when we feel it is suitable and your dog is ready. 

Booking with us

When booking with us you must be willing to do online training if we move Tiers even if you booked when in a lower Tier. We have terms and conditions in place for you to read and adhere to during this period. Therefore, if we are in any restritions where we cannot do indoor training and it is indoor work you need this must move online and no refunds or reschedules can occur. 


How Online works and the Benefits

Online dog training is easy and free to set up. We offer video calls via Skype / Zoom / Whatsapp or Facetime. Online sessions are proven a great success as we can assess your dog without them getting distracted by us, and we can guide you through the training step by step and send video tutorials to assist. It is YOU who does the training so it is no different to us being there in person or online as we coach you  through your training journey. For Behaviour Consultations we may request videos of various aspects of your dogs behaviour where safe to do so before consultation.