Puppy Coach . Separation Anxiety Specialist 

Pet Behaviour Expert 

Our passion is to help you address your pet behaviour and training problems through reward based training

Our focus is towards helping you build that special relationship with your pet

We offer a variety of services for your dog including , Bespoke Puppy Packages, Separation Anxiety Programmes, Puppy Classes, Behaviour ConsultationsOne-To-One Training

*Visit Training during covid to see how we are working during the covid period. Depending on which Tier we are in will depend how your session commences but we are happy to discuss this further with you*

Separation Anxiety Programmes

Are you struggling to leave your dog home alone without them getting anxious, resulting in destructive behaviour, toileting, howling and pacing?

We have simple and effective support packages which can help you regain your freedom 

We can support you where ever you are in the world!


Bespoke Puppy Packages 

Get off on the right track with your puppy with our tailor made one  to one puppy packages

Learn all the basics from your first nights, leaving puppy alone, toileting, chewing, mouthing, and basic training from recall, loose lead work, sit/stay and much more!

What Our Clients Are Saying


We had online puppy sessions to help us with preventing separation anxiety occurring. The sessions were tailor made, and the training plan really simple to follow. Throughout the training process Jodie would check up on progress and give us additional training advice and plan to help us move forward.


Esme can now settle alone confidently. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to ensure their puppy is relaxed when home alone. Thank you so much for your help!

About JGBehaviour

Jodie Graham

Msc in Clinical Animal Behaviour

Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

BSc (Hons) in Zoo Biology

Over 7 years working with dogs

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Puppy Coach . Separation Anxiety Specialist . Behaviour Expert 


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