Do you feel like a prisoner in your own home? Are you confused with all the conflicting information out there? 
We can help you regain your freedom back by teaching you how to train your dog to be happy home alone the RIGHT WAY. 
Download our FREE guide and delve into the methods we use and why the previous methods you have been using have not worked 

How can we help with your dogs Separation Anxiety? 

One to one online Coaching 

Intensive 3 month Programme with daily support from myself to help coach you every step of the way into treating your dogs Separation Anxiety 

Self Paced online course 

An online self-paced course teaching YOU how to treat your dog’s Separation Anxiety. Suitable for dogs with Separation Anxiety and Puppies wanting to build up alone time for the first time. 
“Jodie has been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and helpful over the 4+ weeks we’ve been in training. It’s not an easy road but Jodie really breaks everything down for you and makes the training programme accessible and quite fun! The daily Whatsapp communications have been so valuable to us. We’re continuing the training now confidently with the tools Jodie has given us.” 
Sara and Hunter 
“Throughout our journey Jodie has supported us every step of the way. When I first got Toast I couldn’t even leave a room without him getting distressed. I couldn’t even have a shower alone in peace! If you and your dog struggle with Separation Anxiety and you want to regain some freedom, I highly recommend Jodie for how supportive she is and how she always finds the kindness ways to help our furry friends.” 
Lauren and Toast 
“My miniature dachshund was really anxious about being left alone - he could not tolerate even 30 seconds. Due to a plethora of contrasting advice on the internet, I decided to enlist specialist help. Jodie was welcoming and understanding from the beginning. Jodie has given me the tools, and the confidence, to make life more enjoyable and relaxed for us all.” 
Georgia and Enzo 

Our training is suitable for ALL ages! 

Whether you have an Adult Dog or Puppy who is not coping home alone, my programmes will be ideal for YOU and YOUR DOG. 
Many owners can feel frustrated and guilty that their dog cannot be left home alone, and just want their dog to be happy. 
You deserve to have your life back and a dog who is happy home alone. We have a tried and tested solution to help with just that! 
We use kind, effective and evidence-based methods that do NOT require you to leave your dog or puppy to “cry it out”. This is NOT the solution! 
Download our FREE guide and delve into the methods we use and why the previous methods you have been using have not worked. 

Serving clients in the United Kingdom & worldwide 

Serving clients in the United Kingdom & worldwide 

Our innovative remote training programmes allow us to help you wherever you are in the world. We provide active support from the comfort of your own home. 
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